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How to prepare a file for printing?

How to prepare a file for printing?

Magic Print will help you get your dream branded merchandise. If you are wondering what conditions you have to meet to order printing on selected items, we invite you to read.

The first step to order promotional products is to review the offer of Magic Print. When choosing products, it's worth keeping a few things in mind.


The shape and colour of the product matter

When choosing promotional products that will become the flagship of your company, it is worth considering a few issues to avoid later misunderstandings. First of all, think about whether your logo or text (eg website address) will look good on the product you choose. If the text is oblong, it will look best on pens, rulers or, for example, a glasses case. In the case of a square logo, it is worth choosing a ball, calendar or other object that is wide enough. Remember also that the smaller the product, the smaller the logo. It is very important when choosing items to pay attention to the colours. The colours of the logo should blend with the colours of the gadget. It would be good to choose a product with a background on which the letters will look nicely.


The more complex the design, the greater the cost of implementation

The cost of ordered promotional items is not the total cost of the entire project. When preparing graphics, you must remember that the number of colours, the size and the number of places we mark affects the final price. Think carefully about your budget, goals and needs. Perhaps giving up a few elements does not diminish the value of the promotional product. Graphic designers and representatives of the Magic Print Customer Service Department will answer your questions and help you create the final project.


How to prepare graphics?

Graphic design should be prepared in a vector version, preferably in the Corel (CDR) format. Other acceptable formats are AI, EPS and PDF. All colours should be given in the PANTONE palette, and fonts converted into curves. If you do not have a vector version, graphic designers in Magic Print can prepare it for you. Such a service is an additional cost - the price is determined after viewing the logotype.


When you find products that meet your expectations, just decide on the quantity and look at the How to Order tab. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service Department, who will accept your request and provide you with any additional information.

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