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Branded Metal Pens

Start advertising your company with the help of personalised pens made by Magic Print. The promotional products in our offer are made from metal, which grants them significant resistance to damage and sturdiness. This marketing strategy helps reach a wider audience by distributing items on events and award employees with branded accessories. We are experienced in making custom engraved pens with some really interesting graphics on them. The only limitation is that there is not a lot of space to put a logo, contact info or anything else on this item. However, the price of making hundreds of branded pens, the simplicity of carrying them around and the usefulness they offer, make them one of our most frequently chosen promotional products. Scroll through our carefully selected collection and find personalised pens that suit your business’ needs best.

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Personalised pens - advantages

The main advantage of personalised pens is the fact that they can be perfectly adapted to your needs and preferences. You can choose an imprint that will be the best for your specific business aims and also, decide on a particular colour and design. As it is a useful promotional gift, your clients will certainly appreciate it. Pens are used on a daily basis, for filling out paperwork, completing homework assignments, making shopping lists and not only. Therefore, it will not be something that they just put in the drawer and never come back to again.

Branded pens - a great marketing solution

Branded pens help you to advertise your company more effectively for sure. They carry your logo or other element of corporate identity and provide you with its wide exposure while being used. Namely, when a person writes with your pen, everyone around them can see the imprint, what makes them subconsciously memorise your brand better. Moreover, gifting free promotional items helps you to build a positive image of a company, what can distinguish you from many other similar offers. Nowadays, the market is so competitive that every detail may be crucial for achieving a success.

Our custom engraved pens

You can find numerous variants of custom engraved pens in our stock. We take into consideration that our customers' needs and preferences may be very diverse, hence we have prepared such a wide offer. Some of the models are simple and very cheap and other cost a bit more, but they have a special design. They will be great both as promotional gifts and as company gadgets that your employees can receive, what will make them feel a special bond with their workplace. If you have any questions concerning our offer of personalised pens or any other products, contact us now!