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Promotional items

Our shop offers a wide variety of promotional products that we can turn into branded merchandise for you and your company. Corporate gifts and other forms of distributing free accessories to a target group are a practice that had been with the commerce since time immemorial. It significantly helps in increasing the recognition of the brand and in getting a new group of customers interested in the services a company offers. To make sure the promotional merchandise serves its purpose, not only do we offer a variety of products our customers can choose from, but we also create items that are sturdy and practical. Functional products can be used by the recipients for a very long time, becoming one of the key accessories in their life. Take a look at our collection of personalised pens and mugs or custom clothing and start promoting your business with our assistance.

Why our firm?

Free delivery

Buying our promotional merchandise means no hidden costs. Each product of ours is sold with the shipping fee included. This way we try to limit our customer's costs and offer a reliable and trustworthy service. Moreover, even though we sell cheap promotional items, you can be sure we only work with proven freight forwarders.

Safe Payments

Magic Print prepared only the safest payment methods to ensure the full satisfaction of our clients. Depending on the buyer's personal preferences, they can choose to pay for the order by their credit/debit card, PayPal or a traditional bank transfer. After booking the payment, we are ready to prepare branded merchandise for you.

Free support 24/7

We offer free support 24/7 to make sure our customers are always given the most reliable services possible. You can either call our customer service or send us an e-mail inquiring into the process of manufacturing our promotional products, payments and more. We will try to reply to any questions or concerns you may have as soon as possible.

Custom engraved pens

Branded pens are one of our most popular promotional products. Not only are they cheap, but they are incredibly useful. You do not have to worry about a potential client throwing away custom engraved pens you had made and handed out as corporate gifts, because they are definitely using it to sign and write things down.

Personalised keyrings

Our selection of branded merchandise includes a variety of personalised keyrings. Our customers can choose products that serve only a decorative purpose, or some of the more functional ones. These cheap promotional items can be used as flash lights, bottle openers or measure tapes adorned with the logo of your company.

Custom mugs

We know just how important is having a cup of coffee before work or in the middle of an exhausting meeting, which is why we offer mug printing that helps build your brand. Our personalised mugs are not only easy to look at, but are also practical, which is why you can be sure people gifted with them are going to use them regularly.

Branded merchandise

Magic Print is going to help you in establishing your company’s name with carefully prepared branded merchandise. Incorporating your logo into an item which is gonna be used by your customer will improve recognizability of your business and help you reach a bigger audience. Invest in functionality with our custom mugs and pens.

Corporate gifts

Promotional gifts are a wonderful way to improve staff morale, as well as introduce new clients to what your company represents. We will make sure every product you request is made of quality materials and will serve the recipients for a very long time. Custom engraved pens and excellent clothing will definitely be the best corporate gifts.

Promotional products

Every item we make for our clients is carefully packed and tested if it meets their specified requirements. It is the only way to ensure our promotional merchandise serves its purpose and effectively advertises the company. Our competitive prices allow for a cooperation between both big and smaller business wanting to promote their name.

Frequently asked questions

Our corporate gifts include a variety of custom engraved pens, personalised mugs and keyrings. We realise that you, as our customer, might have questions that need to be addressed – concerning our shipping practices, the production process or available payment methods. This is the main reason for the creation of a special section with frequently asked questions. If you did not find the answer in our FAQ, please get in touch with our customer service.

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