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Personalised Keyrings

Personalised keyrings are one of our smallest promotional items, but they are still pretty popular among our clients. They are quick and easy to make and their shape and size makes it that much easier to just pass them to potential customers during events and expositions. The power of branded merchandise is truly impressive, which is why you should really invest in something with your logo on it. The more practical the item, the bigger the chance of a customer using it daily and remembering the name of your business. Our personalised keyrings can function as flash lights, bottle openers or measure tapes. Depending on the profile of your company and the audience you want to reach, you will be able to choose the most adequate solution. Our offer includes items made of aluminium, metal, plastic or wood. We hope you find here promotional accessories you want to use to advertise your company.

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Personalised keyrings - advantages

Personalised keyrings are amongst the most popular promotional items in production. They are portable and, more often than not, practical, therefore they quickly become a valuable accessory. Additionally, manufacturing a chosen number of this type of branded merchandise offers a good value for money. Personalised keyrings come in many shapes, sizes, colours and materials. The frequently chosen items include miniature flash lights, measure tapes or bottle openers. They provide a practical element to a product, which is already being used everyday when unlocking the car, doors or cabinets.

Our products

Magic Print knows how important branded merchandise is, which is why we offer a wide variety of options for our customers. Our personalised keyrings can be made from wood, metal or plastic, while still providing you with items, which are not only portable, but also practical. Our collection includes flash lights, bottle openers, flash-drives, but also simple products with no additional function. We hope you find solution, which is going to help you promote your business and gain many loyal customers.

A practical and decorative gift

It is unheard of for people to leave their house without a variety of keys – for the front door, rooms, the garage and the car. Personalised keyrings are going to become an interesting and often a practical decoration. A branded product, manufactured with utmost care, is going to adorn the receiver's keys, as well as serve a promotional function. To make sure this marketing strategy is effective, the customer should choose an attractive design, best suited to represent his business. Ordering personalised keyrings is simple, quick and fairly cheap, which is why many people decide to order this particular kind of promotional gifts.