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Buy yourself a memory

Buy yourself a memory

USB flash drive is one of the gadgets must-have. Thanks to the possibility of applying a print with the company logo on the object, the devices become advertising products of high value. Why is it worth investing in flash drives? What models to look for? We answer your questions.

USB Flash Drive - a place for your offer

USB Stick has two important features from a marketing point of view. First of all - it can be used like any promotional products, i.e. as a place for a company logo. Secondly - you can place files regarding e.g. the company's offer in the device's memory. Thanks to this, the client or business partner has not only a valuable item but also specific information about the company from which he received it. This is not possible with classic promotional product. On the other hand, the USB stick enables the transfer of additional content that may influence the decision to continue or cooperate with a given company. During the holiday season, it's a good idea to include a promotional coupon or service offer at reduced prices on your device.

USB Stick - a gadget that is always useful

Pendrive is one of the most practical promotional products that you can give to a customer. The device is useful during conferences because thanks to it the participants can keep the materials provided by the organizer. The gadget is also used during everyday work in the office, to store important documents, and in private life, e.g. to download photos or print files for children. Magic Print focuses primarily on aesthetics, functionality and high quality. A well-prepared flash drive is an promotional product with great possibilities.

Which USB stick to choosing?

Magic Print offers flash drives of various shapes, sizes and capacities. We chose a few models that we think look interesting, and this also counts when choosing a promotional product to conquer the heart of a customer or business partner.

Our first type is the Wooden Twist USB with a capacity of 8GB. The device is medium-sized, its length is 6.3 cm. The rounded edges make the whole look very neat. High-quality wood also adds elegance to it. The company logo can be placed on the housing, which does not have any additional decorations and has a bright colour, so they marking will be better visible.

Another suggestion from Magic Print is the Ear Leather USB stick, i.e. a small USB stick with a large capacity of 16 GB. The metal device is surrounded by something like an eco-leather case that protects the tip from damage. The whole look modern and dynamic.

The Slim Tab USB is a fairly unusual shape. The device is placed in a rectangular metal housing with fairly thick walls. At its end, there is a place for a pendant, thanks to which the gadget will always be at hand, e.g. attached to keys.

A USB stick doesn't always have to look the same. An unusual, original solution is a silicone band, in which a 8GB storage medium is placed. Thanks to this solution, your documents should never get lost. The band is also a modern decoration. Magic Print recommends a Slab Bracelet USB stick. It is worth adding that the gadget is CE certified and is covered by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

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